[Market-farming] Mulching garlic was garlic rotation

Robert Schuler sunnfarm at verizon.net
Wed Oct 18 11:28:41 EDT 2006

In the Delmarva area auctions straw is trading for $1.75-2.50 a bale. You should be able to buy it out of the barn for that much or less. Just don't wear your Harris Tweed farm clothing otherwise the price will go up... Those horsey people are the new scourge of farm country.
You should rotate garlic to avoid a soil borne disease called white rot that will buildup in your garden. Also watch for thrips that will over winter in the garlic patch under the mulch they will destroy your garlic as temps warm up...Bob.

Straw is up to $5+ a bale in these parts (Washington DC environs) 
Blame it on the horses.

I'm wondering if it's a waste of time to mulch garlic with big bale 
mulch hay. Works good on spuds, but with its solid stems I don't know 
that it would insulate well enough for over wintering garlic.

And, what about this: fresh daily litter from horse stables. Probably 
woodchip based, but with plenty of urine and bisquits (but not 
loaded: really changed daily from small stalls) Too much carbon? Too 
much nitrogen? I wonder how much of either by the time growth REALLY 
starts for the garlic in the spring.



>I don't know that there's a bad place in rotation for garlic as long 
>as the soil is nitrogen rich, drains well, and isn't too sandy.  I've 
>read that one shouldn't plant it where there is any indication of 
>fusarium, but I've never seen it on our farm, so I can't say.  For 
>the same reason, I've heard it recommended not to follow grass family 
>crops, which are prone to fusarium.   But, many garlic growers, 
>including me, mulch with grasses like oat straw (I use chopped 
>I suppose intensely planted garlic will deplete nitrogen, but 
>probably nothing that some manure/compost won't remedy.
>I've only been growing garlic four years now (1/4 - 1/3 acre), and 
>haven't planted it in the same place twice - and probably won't for 
>the foreseeable future.
>Our planting, too, has been hampered by wet conditions, and time is 
>getting short up here.  Praying for dry!
>Jerry Ford
>Howard Lake, MN
>zone 3/4
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