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One misleading thing about roto tillers that you should keep in mind when making a purchase is that they come in two forms. One type is for primary tillage and can do everything even tilling under trees and shattering rocks. The other and the most common on the market today are secondary tillage machines. These are for making seed beds after plowing or chopping debris after harvest or tilling a green manure crop into the top two inches of soil before plowing with a moldboard... I see less primary tillage machines today because they have priced themselves out of the market so if you see an affordable new tiller for sale its probably a secondary type machine... Bob.
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We have used a JD 660 tiller for a lot of years and have had to replace the drive chain a couple of times and put on new tines a couple of times.  Bought it in the early 80's so it has been a good one.  Used everything from a 100 hp tractor to a 25hp tractor and just different speeds to pull it through the field. Phil

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