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"I have that kind of scales and they are a life saver to me. I was very
surprised at the longevity of the batteries. I always had spare batteries,
but were never needed. ""  

Sue Wells


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One of the best purchases we have ever made is electronic scales.  Before we
bought the unit, we had a "for trade" hanging scale.  Every sale had to
figured on the calculator by pounds and percentages of pounds (for instance,
4 ounces is .25 pounds - others aren't so easy and we had 3X5 cards with
each ounce's percentage!)  With the new scale, we put the produce on, key in
a price (it can be pre-programmed, but our prices fluctuate week to week, so
we keep it simple) and the total is displayed to us and the customer.  It
runs on batteries (last over a season) and AC and is also helpful packing
our 1/2lb bags of mesclun and spinach on harvest day.  Almost everything is
weighed.  We could use a second scale on busy days, but having a few people
in line isn't necessarily a bad thing - make it look like our booth is a
happening place!  I don't think we've ever had someone decide not to wait
the few minutes it takes.  Mostly they socialize, exchange recipes, etc. -
maybe even buy something else.  We do have several calculators.  On a busy
day, we'll have Paul, my brother, an intern and me selling produce, plants
and flowers.  My Dad even shows up occasionally, and having the electronic
scale allows everyone to accurately weigh and price produce.  


Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm





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