[Market-farming] increasing mid-week market sales

Wiediger, Alison alison.wiediger at hart.kyschools.us
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We had 32 or 33 members this year with many seasonal, i.e., sweet corn,
strawberries etc.  On a Saturday in mid-season, we had 19-20, several of
which are large enough to have 2 stall spaces.  We are still recruiting,
knowing that the more presence we have, the more customer traffic we
will generate, and we are in a parking lot with virtually unlimited
space.  If we ever have a permanent location with limited parking, we'll
have to limit our membership - probably using seniority and product mix
to make decisions.  Until then, the more, the merrier.  We figure giving
customers lots of choices is the best thing we can do to increase our
customer base.  We belonged to a market, before helping start this one,
that allowed reselling and limited membership.  After many years of
trying to make it a better market, we gave up.  If the members have been
doing it that way for years, you likely are just banging your head
against a wall to change it - unless a majority agree with you.


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Hi Alison,
I don't have the solution for mid week sales, since our market goes 
through the same thing. We are open on Wed. mornings, 8-1. I'm 
curious though, how many regular vendors do you have? We also have a 
market board, and this year my hubby is the president. We have lots 
of ideas for improvements, like accepting new growers but we are met 
with fierce resentment towards that idea. Right now we have about 32 
vendors, some of which are seasonal, and not there for the full 
season. I would love to hear from you, as well as others who are 
either market managers or serving on the board as to when you feel 
like you have enough people selling squash and tomatoes! 

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