[Market-farming] increasing mid-week market sales

SaladG at aol.com SaladG at aol.com
Tue Nov 28 13:57:32 EST 2006

We do five markets during the week and two different wholesale outlets who 
pick up at the farm and all of our weekly markets have dwindled very seriously 
and we dought if we will be doing any of them next year.  Many of the products 
we sell any more are high end products and we feel like the small town buyers 
just won't spend the extra money to by the baby lettuce and mixes and the 
specially products.  When we go these markets it seem like all we can sell is 
sweet corn and tomatoes and they are not my high end products.  We raised our 
sweet corn prices really good last year and still sold out every market so we may 
be able to keep raising corn price even though there are lots of street vendor 
sitting on street corners giving it away for $3 a doz.
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