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  In Kansas the law tells us what can sell by the weight, bunch or by the piece.  The State Officials have given our markets plenty of warning of inspections.  I suppose it is the cost of the scales that your market vendors are opposed to.  We started selling by the pound from the get go - again we feel it is the fairest method for the customer and the vendor.  It set us apart from the other vendors, now more of them are weighing their product. 
  We have vendors from Oklahoma attending our market - www.oldtownfarmersmarket.com - some coming as far as Stillwater.  The Old Town Farmers Market is located in a unique setting in the heart of Old Town.  We have a Chef demo each week - chef prepares a dish from ingredients available at market.  There is a musical group that plays each week for 2 hours and we have a Children's Corner where kids can make a simple craft each week.  Grandparents bring their kids and spend the morning at market with them.  Folks pick up coffee from the coffee vendor, a cinnamon roll from the baker and visit with other folks at market.  The Old Town Market also has a mid-week market on the East side of town and an on line market during the times that the market is closed.  Hope you can visit us some time at market.  
  Blueberries sound great - not something that grows well here.  We have a Blueberry vendor from Arkansas that has retired.  They came to market once a month, which they would alert their customers by email that they where coming.  They sold blueberries frozen and fresh.  We sure do miss them.  
  We gave up cut flowers.  They sold well, but was too much for us to take care of properly and there are other vendors that specialize in them.  Finding good help and being able to pay good help is a problem in this business.  We have chosen to focus on vegetables and culinary herbs.
  Good luck to you.
  Elzie & Pat Randleas
  Home Grown Kansas!  LLC
  Wichita, Kansas

"cjmaness at juno.com" <cjmaness at juno.com> wrote:
  Hello Wichita farmers!
We have 5 acres in veggies. Right now, we are in the process of 
putting in a 1/2 acre of blueberries, and we have 1/4 acre of cut 
I agree that it would be better at least for us, to sell by the 
pound. For some reason, the powers that be at our market frown on it. 
Certifying the scales, and all of that has something to do with it. 
So, on some things like green beans, I weigh those out before market. 
I found out that if our 1 quart container is filled level, that is 
one pound. If we really heap them up, then we are at a pound and a 
half. We charge 2 dollars for that, so we started filling the 
containers level full. We have done that with more and more things 
this year, just to try and figure out how much we make per item. We 
are still pretty new at this, and I really appreciate any input 
anyone can/has given us. Our market is in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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