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Roy Brubaker of Mifflintown, PA told the story of how a newspaper article
came out about his bat houses and the bats at his farm.  Upon reading the
article, a neighbor lady phoned Roy and complained, "I don't like to have
bats around."

Roy asked her, "Have you seen mosquitoes around recently?"  "Have you been
bothered with cucumber beetles?"

After the lady stopped and thought about answering those questions with,
"No" she seemed to calm down.  Roy's land borders a creek/river and those
pests had been a problem.


We have used PVC pipe bent in small hoops and covered with row cover over
eggplants.  These hoops are less than 36" high in the center.


Christine Burkholder



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I would like to hear of any organic cucumber beetle control that other
growers have tried.  (I  think that bats wouldn't help since they are
nocturnal when the beetles aren't active)  I know of people using the kaolin
clay sprays-but those get expensive too.

Floating row covers help somewhat but make harvesting a hassle.  The Cornell
organic website describes a study that used certain cucurbit crops as traps
outside the field of plants that were to be cropped.  The idea is that some
cucurbits are more quickly attractive to the beetle than others and that
with careful timing and handling, you can eliminate the beetle from their
favorite plant while protecting your crop.  

Shawnee, zone 5



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Do you not have cucumber beetles?  Do you have bats controlling the
population of beetles or do you spray to kill the cucumber beetles?


Diva cucumber is certainly my favorite variety for flavor when raw.


Christine Burkholder






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