[Market-farming] Post-Harvest Handling of Fall Greens

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Sat Nov 18 21:08:06 EST 2006

>have you tried washing the greens in a 2% saline solution (i.e about 
>a 1/4 cup of salt per several gallons of water). Salt in the water 
>allows the leaves to rehydrate due to the osmosis effect. This also 
>makes the slugs slid off the greens and die.

I'll try this, Lucy. It's something I had forgotten about. I've also 
been advised the luke warm water is 'absorbed' more readily than cold 
water, although my experience in chef's kitchens seem to indicate 
that chefs prefer reviving greens with water as cold as they can get 
it, even to the point of adding LOTS of ice to the sink! Thanks!

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