[Market-farming] vegetables,cucumbers

frshstrt at baldwin-telecom.net frshstrt at baldwin-telecom.net
Fri Nov 17 12:31:37 EST 2006

I grew "Diva" this year for the first time and will not grow anything 
else!  I planted it on a spot with a good amount of well rotted manure 
and the production was prolific with a minimum of watering in our 
drought.  Taste was excellent with no peeling and few if any seeds.  
Some favorite other veggies are "Contender" green beans, nice and 
straight and good production.  Tomatoes,  love "Amish Paste" , "Early 
Goliath", "Golden Girl, "Big Mama", and favorite all-purpose is'Big 
Beef'.  I don't grow too many heirlooms since my market customers like a 
regular tomato.  I grew Burpee's 'Red Lightning and the taste was 
horrid.  Nice orange and red stripes but I grow for production and 
taste.  I may give some varieties another chance since this year may not 
have been the best year for some varieties anyway.  Lu in Wis

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