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Sue Wells farmersue at hughes.net
Thu Nov 16 12:23:11 EST 2006

I hope everyone has gotten their garlic planted. What a year this has
been!!! And now, all this rain and bad weather going across the country, I
wonder how this winter will be. 

I want to thank everyone for all the advice they have given to me this
season. As I have needed a lot of help, and everyone was very good to me. I
have learned a lot, but still too much to learn. 

I made the concrete blocks for my shelter legs to be screwed into and was so
happy about that. One day I had them on, but I always used them and also had
tied the back down to a bench that was concreted into ground, and pretty
soon, it took off. What a mess. That Farmers Market gets some really nasty
wind gusts occasionally. 

 know people are still busy, but when you get the time, could you give me
advice on raising your favorite varieties of vegetables?   Like cucumbers,
melons, which are the better green/sweet peppers, etc. For the last 2 years,
I have grown General Lee cucumbers. Maybe these aren't the best, I am just
wanting advice. I need cucumbers that will sell well, as well as me using
the same ones for pickling.

I did grow "Tiny Tikes" cucumbers this year. Not a whole lot and these are
very small, but the tastiest ones I have ever had. I gave away a lot of
samples and some did sell. I hope to have more next year and maybe sell by
the pound, I don't know really how to sell these, I did sell them at 25
cents each, but many thought that was too high for tier size.   

I grew for the first time, cherry tomatoes, the resintraube(spelling is
wrong) and lollipop, those are great. 

I didn't sell canning tomatoes, maybe I should next year, what kind are
grown for this? And probably I could just use the seconds of my other
tomatoes. I like to grow heirlooms, the really large ones. This was not a
good season for tomatoes here. Does anyone have problems,  I mean more than
usually problems growing Striped roman tomatoes? Maybe that is the reason I
am getting the early blight with my plants. I had black spots on all these
tomatoes this year. They were my favorite last year.

Can anyone tell me about "Plectosporium Tabacinum" ? I found a picture of
this and that looks like what my yellow crooked neck squash had, but I can't
find any information about it. Black spots on the squash. 

Thank you all for your help. 

Sue Wells


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