[Market-farming] Garlic

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Tue Nov 14 19:02:49 EST 2006

>We just got the garlic in!  Hear this Heavy sigh of relief.  We actually
covered all the beds with black plastic and were able to pull off all the
snow and have workable slightly muddy soil underneath.  We planted in the
dirt then mulched well with straw and covered over with the black plastic
to try to give them a boost for going in so late.  Don't know...I would
think the plastic would have to come off eventually...maybe in the 4
weeks if not totally buried in snow...Don't know.  Nights are in the low
30's, high 20's, some of the cloves had some beginner roots
forming.......fingers crossed wish us luck......Sora at Paradise Valley
Organics  zone 5

> I'm not a garlic grower but I wonder if this would not work for small
> scale
> operations.  Lay stray bales, cut side up on the ground, over the beds
> where
> you would normally plant your garlic.  Insert the cloves into the straw.
> Wet the bales well, then cover them with plastic mulch to protect them
> from
> additional rain over the next couple of weeks.  This way you do not have
> to
> work the soil at all and eventually the roots will make it through the
> bale
> and into the soil.  The plastic will offer some temperature protection as
> well.  As the bale breaks down it will enrich the beds for next year.

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