[Market-farming] Potatoes in straw

Adriana adriana at chefsgreens.com
Mon Nov 13 17:09:16 EST 2006

I planted potatoes on the surface of my garden this year with deep straw 
mulch.  I was hoping to just lift the straw and harvest the potatoes, but I 
found that most of the tubers developed in the soil just under the mulch. 
So I still had dirty tubers and dirty hands.  I may experiment with the 
garbage can method, using only straw and hydroponic nutrients.

>>Regards to the list.  Somewhere down the line I either read  online, 
>>perhaps even this list about a potato machine.  This being a way of 
>>raising potatoes in a half barrel using straw asa high mulch and a person 
>>being able to continuously harvest potatoes off of the plant without 
>>killing it, by just reaching into the straw and removing those tubers you 
>>want.  Does anyone know any thing about this

Adriana Gutierrez 

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