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>Regards to the list.  Somewhere down the line I either read  online, perhaps even this list about a potato machine.  This being a way of raising potatoes in a half barrel using straw asa high mulch and a person being able to continuously harvest potatoes off of the plant without killing it, by just reaching into the straw and removing those tubers you want.  Does anyone know any thing about this or can you give us a link?  Thanks inadvance.  Joe

I don't know about a potato 'machine'.  But we grew potatoes in a garbage
pail this year (regular, American-style, 33-gallon trash pail made out of
some kind of heavy plastic).  

We drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.  We used mushroom compost as
our growing medium, and as the potato plants grew, we kept adding more
mushroom compost.  

Yes, we could pull potatoes out whenever we wanted to.  

>From four pieces of seed potato (four quarters of a potato), we harvested a
half bushel of potatoes.  It was a very easy way to grow potatoes too.  We
only used one garbage pail, it was a trial.  

Next season, we'll use three or four garbage pails.  

This might not work in places with very hot summers.

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