[Market-farming] garlic

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Sun Nov 12 16:56:39 EST 2006

> We're floating in the same boat...it was way too dry at the normal
planting time...waited for the rains and got snow instead...then it
rained and the ground is ok buttttt...the freeze could come at any
moment.  We're going to try to get it all in tomorrow but the forcast is
calling for 20s-30s at night
sigh...took years to build up the seed crop...don't want to lose it...
Hoping mulch will help.....

>>Paul: The cloves need about 4 weeks to form roots before the ground
>> freezes,
>>so you can compute planting time by backing up from freeze time.  I just
>> got
>>mine in because it finally stopped raining and snowing long enough for
>> the
>>soil to dry out enough to plant.  It sure is the pits when it's too wet.
>>Good luck.
> Hopefully, mulching would delay the freeze?

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