[Market-farming] How was your summer

Liz Pike strawbry_wine at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 13:04:13 EST 2006

My summer was extremely busy.  We got married and into our new house, and the grading left us with a semi-level acre & a half for a market garden and room for an on-farm stand with parking.  Shoeing horses has been nice--I've been able to see some really awesome market farms--but I'm soo ready to get back to growing to sell.  There are 2 markets I'd love to get into & that's my homework over the winter.  I've 'bout got the weather figured out & as for my participation in the family greenhouses--that just ain't gonna happen.  So that was my summer....

Liz Pike
Hillsville VA

  Liz Pike
Strawberry Wine Designs
Hillsville VA

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