[Market-farming] NAIS or making an omlette with rotten eggs

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Fri Nov 3 06:05:28 EST 2006

I doubt this represents the light at the end of the tunnel for 
livestock people, but I spend a lot of time in Washington, 
residential Washington. I happened to run into a fellow who is an 
employee of the company that is behind the NAIS chips. He let me know 
that after I started on a tirade about NAIS. This fellow is high up 
in the company and totally delighted by how large the potential 
market is for the chip and also by all the industries that already 
use it. (He told me the Walmart story, how they track a product 
around the store once you put it into your cart. While I have no idea 
of how this information is deeper than just watching sales receipts, 
WalMart apparently enjoys knowing what you looked at as well as what 
you bought.) He implied that his company is backing down from NAIS 
because of controversy (not an easy sale) but will get the 
mega-market they are looking for when accepting a chip becomes one of 
the requirements in immigrant worker programs. I guess most 
importantly, all applications were morally equal to this man, he was 
just joyful that the government and corporations would find so many 
uses for a passively powered spy chip.   -Allan

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