[Market-farming] NAIS or making an omlette with rotten eggs

Leigh Hauter lhh at hughes.net
Thu Nov 2 21:55:38 EST 2006

Anyone that thinks NAIS will have anything much to do with public 
health has pretty much been living in an alternative universe for the 
past several decades (at least) and especially for the past several 

This last congress was the laziest congress on record, taking a month 
more vacation time than the previous record setter  (I think the 
congress of 1948).  Of the 11 funding bills that need to be passed 
this year for the government to work only something like 2 or maybe 3 
were completed.  The rest we can expect during the lame duck session 
when no one can do anything about it.

As to what does into the legislation, several studies this year have 
shown a direct quid pro quo between 'donations'  (read bribes) and 
line items on bills.  As it, I want a line in a bill, let's say NAIS 
and I'm a chip manufacturer, there is probably a rising scale for how 
much of the business I get related to how much I give.  This is the 

Unlike ever before, bills are all being done behind closed doors 
(don't think that stuff you see on C-Span has much relationship to 
anything) mostly by the senior majority party members.

Almost always now,  bills are written by specific industry lobbyist. 
Again, the more donated, the more of the bill a particular industry 
gets to write.  What do you think the Abramoff affair, or the K 
Street project is all about?

So, back to NAIS,  people that watch DC do not think a NAIS bill is 
going to pass this year.  Reason why?  Not enough money has been 
raised out of the specific industry lobbiest yet.  In other words, a 
bill like NAIS should make a number of important congresspeople a lot 
of money.  So far, it hasn't.  Once the bribes, I mean donations, get 
high enough then you will see legislation.  Again, this will be 
legislation written in private, written no doubt by the highest 

So, again, anyone that thinks this legislation is going to be written 
in the public interest, in the interest of fighting whatever disease, 
wake up and read the papers.

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