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Elizabeth B. BluebonnetHillMiniaturesRanch at webtv.net
Thu Nov 2 20:57:59 EST 2006

Brigette Leach wrote......... 
"If everyone takes a step back from the emotion regarding safe food,
evil CAFO's and industrial agriculture, and deals with the science of
diseases and food safety, you might have a chance to make headway with
the paper pushers in DC." 

I for one would love to see documentation to support your statement. 

Brigette Leach wrote......... 
Facts have credibility. I have enough experience working with state and
federal electeds to know that you need to focus on how the NAIS impacts
you without all the accusations and rantings about the "big guys". 

This is a "blanket statement." Again, I'ld be very interested in seeing
your "facts." Please document and show supporting data.

Elizabeth Tritt
Able Farm and Ranch 

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