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Forgive me Alison, I don't know what species you raise.  What handling 
facilities would it require? What paraphernalia? Fill me in.

What about family farmers who do sell at stockyards? Not all small farms 
sell directly to the customer.
Avalon Farms Homegrown

Wiediger, Alison wrote:

>We DO want trace-back on CAFO animals.  We HAVE trace-back on ours -
>they go directly from us to the processor to the customer - can't get
>much more direct tracing than that.  It's not that NAIS is all bad, it
>needs an exemption for small holders who raise animals that are marketed
>directly to the customer.  For us, it would require expensive handling
>facilities that we don't have and can't afford on our scale as well as
>buying the tags and all the paraphernalia that will be required and
>keeping non-useful records.
>Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm
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>>We all wanted trace back when the recent e-coli outbreak occurred. Why
>>resist a method of trace back on animal products so vehemently?
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