[Market-farming] Williams Tool System

David Inglis mhcsa at verizon.net
Tue Jul 25 16:28:11 EDT 2006

> Is it God Sent, like they say it is?
There is no such thing.
Like Paul said, we use it as part of a system. Basket weeders,
Bezzirides etc. Unlike Paul I do like the side knives etc but I am
mostly using mine to clean up to within two inches of the row and
dealing with the in row weeds in other ways. I set mine up with a
Bezzirides guidance system that runs on the edge of the bed but unlike
the guidance system  offered by Market Farm Implements it does not use
any extra land. Our Williams is mounted on the back of a Kubota 245H
with belly mount weeders; because of the guidance system I can set up
the knives and sweeps, put down as many of the tines as the crop canopy
allows and go; no looking back.
But: The Williams will make YOUR land look like a Pebble beach because
the tines grab any rocks and flip them over to be washed by the next
rain. If you really have that many rocks then, short of going through
the place with a decent rock picker, twice, no cultivator will solve
your problem except maybe one of those French reverse action tillers
with an internal screen that leaves all the stones at the bottom of the
tillage depth.
We have also found that if you go over the row the Williams will pull
out starts that have not rooted very well yet. Once rooted most crops
can be gone over with all the tines down but for the same reason rooted
weeds will not be taken out with just the tines. It works great for
blind weeding for us even with what I would regard as moderate amounts
of rocks.
Good luck mate.
Hi Paul.
Mahaiwe Harvest CSA

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