[Market-farming] New Publication Highlights Successful Farming Systems

Sean McGovern outreach at sare.org
Mon Jul 24 17:20:26 EDT 2006

Dear Market Farmers:

Farmers, ranchers and agricultural educators seeking to learn more about
profitable, practical, and sustainable agricultural systems will find a
wealth of ideas from the 2006/07 SARE Highlights, which features 12 of
the most innovative research projects funded by SARE. Among them:

In Wisconsin, a farming couple that raises lambs and goats attracted
new, loyal customers from the nearby population of Mexican and Somali
immigrants, partly by arranging for custom-slaughter practices. In their
busiest month, they sell 500 goats and lambs at $100 each.

Re-using water from shrimp ponds to irrigate olive trees saves water and
supplies fertilizer, according to research at the University of Arizona.

In Florida, researchers devised a simple, non-chemical bait to lure a
pest of honeybees away from hives, protecting an industry that produces
17 million pounds of honey annually.

The 2006/07 SARE Highlights is the latest of a series of publications
that feature the most creative research funded by SARE. Download the
entire publication at www.sare.org/publications/highlights.htm . To
order free print copies, visit www.sare.org/Webstore, call 301/504-5411
or email san_assoc at sare.org.


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