[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 42, Issue 18

roxann roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Fri Jul 21 14:07:29 EDT 2006

I would grow one in a pot for customers to pinch and smell/taste, if that's feasible for you. For those of us who grow butterfly plants, fennel (and milkweed) works great for this, too - just bring in the whole potted plant with caterpillars and all for show and tell.


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>  Has anyone sold Florence Fennel at market? I haven't found a way to keep
>  it looking nice; it wilts so fast. Even keeping it in a jar of water
>  didn't help. Seal it in a bag? Leave the roots on? Someone suggested
>  cutting the leaves off, but they are my favorite part. I like having one

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