[Market-farming] West Indian Gherkins

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I really hope that Marlin doesn't grow these again.  They are more prickly
and the skin is not pleasantly edible.  So they take more time to pick and
more time to prepare for eating.  Diva cucumbers are a winner in my opinion.

Christine Burkholder

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Thank you Marlin for sharing your information about the gherkins/Burr
cucumbers. I have never grown these, but sound great to make little dill
pickles with. 

Selling them for 10 cents each is so cheap, and you just never know if
things like that will sell. I sold radish pods for 5 cents each, but ever
sold many. They liked the samples and talked about how good they were, but
just didn't sell many. I didn't try it, but I think these would be great in
a stir fry. 

Sue Wells

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