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Thu Jul 13 23:01:19 EDT 2006

I just had to respond to this.  

Point one, Lamps and Heat mats for seed starting. If you are starting seeds in your home with lamps and heat mats, the courts have set case law that makes evidence gathered from driving or flying around with heat cameras and the like, fruits of the poisonous tree, which means that cops can't use it, even as the basis for a warrant. So if you believe that this is happening you are mistaken.  

Point two. If the local DEA backed Drug Task Force is flying over your farm, then call them (better yet, write them) and extension and set up a meeting. Because if your are not growing the wacky tabacky then wouldn't you want to know who is or prevent someone from taking advantage of you crop rotation, irrigation, and labor you have put out, to grow pot on YOUR LAND in YOUR FIELD.  Work with them, if they won't play then go to your state Att. General.  

Point Three.  The tax man is using helos to check areas, as well as potential developers (Yuck) looking to cash in on land speculation.

Point Four.  Are there any power lines or natural gas lines running near your farm?  There are power lines near our fields and I have watched helos checking the towers and lines after large storms.

Just want to keep it real, real safe.

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