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Mark Abner wizard1 at wildblue.net
Thu Jul 13 12:41:03 EDT 2006

Manuvering below 400' agl (above ground level) over  populated area is
forbiden under FAA flight rules. The sticky thing here is defineing
populated area in a court of law . However if several people in the area
make complaints to the local FISDO office it will have an impact. I once
went to the airport here and cornered the comander of a group of dope
rangers  who had been buzzing my sheep pasture and told him that the next
pass he personaly was going to own some very expensiver breeding stock (
sueing the comander personaly is a better tactic as the army and the
government has lots more money for lawyers  but the indvidual comander does

    I also told him that the county sherriff was welcome to come and do a
walk thought of my place any time he wanted just call to make sure I was
there first. I also stated that if his personel couldnt tell after 15 low
passes over my sheep pasture that there wasnt any pot there he needed to
retrain them. Sometimes you just have to be a pushy SOB to get thier
attention. It helps to know the applicable regulations too I once had them
land a chopper near a group I was camping with in violation of faa safty
rules I asked what they were doing landing in a populated space they said
they had an emergency  I asked the nature of it  they said the engine chip
light was on. I asked how many time the crew cheif had reset it. at this
point they got kinda cautios  and I continued  that if it was more than
twice that bird was grouned and would have to be hauled out of the woods on
a trailer and a full hotsection inspection done on the engine before it
could fly again ( about a 30,000 dollar operation ) under US flight safty
regulation  part 91 part 45 part 135 and part 141  at this point the descied
it had only been reset twice and flew away quickly without leaveing the
landing zone and didnt come back.

     <  Some of it sounds as if it's in violation of aviation laws (I think
there are minimum height restrictions,      though am not sure what they
are; call the FAA, maybe, and ask?). If everybody puts up   with the illegal
behaviour, there will only be more of it.

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