[Market-farming] hovering helicopter

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Wed Jul 12 12:27:54 EDT 2006

I agree that it is probably marijuana surveilance.....and that it is a
big intrusion in your position, especially with the livestock scare. I
live on a remote farm in eastern kentucky (where the illegal crop is
probably #3 state in the US and perhaps the biggest cash crop ). 
Operation UNITE is strong here, with planes and copters often coming
around.  We do not grow such a crop at all and never have.  There has
been huge infusions of money for their "work" in our area.  I have come
to wave and smile at the flying workers regularly. ....over the last
year, my friendly gestures may have them looking elsewhere, as they have
lessened here?!  Up until Mayish, i have basement full of grow lights for
my vegie starts, with south-facing windows alight each day and night..bet
they love that, too!
may it pass soon for you.

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