[Market-farming] hovering helicopter

Leigh Hauter lhh at hughes.net
Wed Jul 12 11:41:50 EDT 2006

How prevalent is this?

For over 15 minutes yesterday we had a helicopter circling our farm 
(must have circled 15 or so times).  Spending a great deal of time 
over our hoophouses and greenhouse, scaring the heck our of our dogs, 
chickens and turkeys.  Do 'they' do this to everyone or are we being 
subjected to some sort of special attention.

I'm offended that my tax money is being used to upset our farm 
animals.  Of course there wasn't anything for 'them' to take pictures 
of except tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, but still, I feel somewhat 
violated by this intrusion.  Just because I farm for a living do I 
have less privacy rights than others?   Also, I wonder if 'they' (it 
looked like Coast Guard marking on the side of the helicopter, I 
haven't got a good look at the pictures I took yet) do this to the 
big commercial operations or is this a special form of harassment for 
family farmers?


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