[Market-farming] cougar growler update

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Tue Jul 11 08:00:27 EDT 2006

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 04:00:20AM -0700, david purpura wrote:
> Hi All.  I know several of you have gotten the cougar for deer control - what's the decision on it's effectiveness?  Can someone repost the link?  These critters are really starting to annoy me....

I bought a total of five: 1 small, 2 large with two sounds, 2 large 
with one sound.

I'm still not sure of their effectiveness in my situation, though I've 
had no deer depredation in the areas where the noise makers are 
installed.  I do see some deer tracks; I HOPE the deer are wandering 
in, finding the environment uncomfortable, and leaving.  The real test 
will occur in a few weeks when we start getting peas set in the 
protected area.

I've had a failure with them protecting watermelon from coons.  So far, 
"scare crows" have worked on the coons.  The "scare crows" are just 
white plastic fertilizer bags hanging on sections of pvc pipe stuck in 
the ground.

Some history: The deer have gotten worse with each year; a few years 
ago, the deer ate ALL the peas in a very nice looking 1 acre planting.  
At that time, I decided I had to do SOMETHING.  Maybe give up growing 
legumes.  I put in about 1500' of double electric deer fence around one 
growing area.  At a cost of about $1.50/ft.  That was 100% effective in 
controlling deer.  But coons, coyotes, and squirrels continued to come 
and go at will.  This past year, the deer depredation in the un-fenced 
area was even worse than previous years.  They ate things with which I 
had not previously had trouble: tomatoes, okra, squash, broccoli.  The 
ONLY crop they have not molested is arugula.  I am now attempting to 
protect that troublesome area with the noise makers.

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