[Market-farming] Gravely tiller

Mark Abner wizard1 at wildblue.net
Fri Jul 7 10:03:54 EDT 2006

	The problem with the gravley is that the company is out of bussiness and
while there are still quite a bit of parts around th esupply is limited and
there are no engines available, Unlike many other tillers the gravely had it
own engine design which unfortunatly turned in the oposite direction of all
current small engines so you cant just get a briggs or koler or tucumsah and
slap on it. For the same reason you cant fit another tractor such as a bcs
with an addaptor to take the emplements at least the pto driven ones.
	I the owner offered to give you he stuff for say 100 bucks if the engine is
in good shape it might be worth playing with till you cant get parts anymore
but other wise I would not wast capital on a project that is eventualy
doomed to the scrap metal pile

BriarPatch Farms
Ritner KY zone 6b

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I have an opportunity to buy an old (not sure how old) Gravely with a set
of implements including a tiller, snowblower, snow blade, rotary plow,
mower, and sulky.  Does anyone on this list have any experience with
Gravelys?  The fellow wants $500 for everything.  Good deal or should I
turn and run?  -John

John Hendrickson
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1535 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI  53706

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