[Market-farming] Buried T-Tape

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You can get compression fittings that glue into pvc pipe to make your own
couplings.  Here's and address:


I usually keep a few dozen in various sizes to fit my drip tape collection.

West Texas Zone 7b
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> On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 10:23:07PM -0600, marcy wrote:
>> Now I have another question for y'all... any good (and INEXPENSIVE) ideas
>> for fixing these holes in the T-tape???
> "Pin" holes may be plugged.  Irrigation supply places sell "goof plugs"
> that are intended to be used to plug  holes in heavy tubing where
> emitter are not desired, but they can also be used to plug drip tape
> holes.  You can also take short sections of spaghetti tubing, seal the
> ends with heat, and use them for plugs.
> Irrigation supply places sell drip tape repair couplings that work well
> and seem to be the most cost effective solution.  Cost is $1 a piece or
> less.  They are reusable.
> I used to make repairs by cutting at the leak and sealing the two ends
> by folding and slipping short rings of tubing over the folds.  Then
> poke holes with a nail just past the sealed ends.  Into the holes, poke
> a short section of 1/4" tubing cut with tapered ends.  The 1/4" tubing
> should be inserted through the sealing rings.  End result: two sealed
> ends of irrigation tubing, 6"-12" apart, "jumpered" with a piece of
> smaller tubing.  This requires only a few cents worth of material, but
> takes more labor and is less stable than a repair coupling; repair
> couplings allow the run of tubing to be moved in one piece.
>> I've got some that I'm using for a second season (10 mil) that I've been
>> battling repairs on. I found a piece of garden hose that I've cut into
>> pieces and using for couplings but it seems to be too smooth and tries to
>> blow apart.  A neighbor suggested treating the Tape  like heat shrink 
>> tubing
> Sounds like you may be using too much pressure?
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