[Market-farming] Spicy Globe basil

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Wed Jul 5 22:33:39 EDT 2006

Good question. So far it has been Vermont Compost Fort V, but I have found
it too heavy for many plugs and potted plants. Friends use the basic Fafard
mix, but it is not organic. I looked locally for large bags of perlite to
lighten the Fort V and couldn't find it, plus it is a dusty pain to work
with. I currently have them in 2-inch pots with the Fort V and they are
doing OK. But I know from the algae I had on lots of things, and the bricks
it turned into in hanging baskets that I need to do something different.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
Peru NY
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Quick question on the Spicey Globe in pots.  To pot them up for sale at the 
market, what mix are you using?

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>I would like to put Spicy Globe basil in small decorative pots and get a
>better price. The only ones I find at the Dollar Store do not have drain
>holes. I have always used pots with drain holes and saucers.
>Has anyone had experience using 4" pots without drain holes?  Thank you.
>Beth Spaugh
>Rehoboth Homestead
>Peru NY
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