[Market-farming] marketing scapes

Sean Albiston lab at physics.umn.edu
Wed Jul 5 10:19:02 EDT 2006

I would suggest that you band them at the base and set them out 
unbagged.  They don't dessicate easily6 and are more visually 
appealing.   I had a number of folks purchase bunches as table 
centerpieces.  I band 20-25 scapes @ $2.  To save time, band them as 
they are removed.  In years past I have bagged them and they didn't sell 
nearly as well.  It is a great celery substitute in potato salad.   

sean albiston

>How do you market garlic scapes? I had them at market for 2 weeks, bagged
>up in 1/4 bags, and spent a lot of time explaining what they were and how
>to use them. Not one person bought any. Another vendor had them, also, and
>no one bought hers, either.
>Lynn Wigglesworth

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