[Market-farming] ps re shallots

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 5 07:36:47 EDT 2006

From: "road's end farm" <organic101 at linkny.com>
> Unlike the garlic scapes, I don't try to sell these; they're not as
> pretty as they have no curl in them, flavor is in my opinion not as
> good, and I usually have as many scapes from the garlic as I can sell
> anyway.

How do you market garlic scapes? I had them at market for 2 weeks, bagged
up in 1/4 bags, and spent a lot of time explaining what they were and how
to use them. Not one person bought any. Another vendor had them, also, and
no one bought hers, either.

Lynn Wigglesworth
Cowbridge Farm
Tioga County, PA

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