[Market-farming] BCS walk behind tractor

Mark Abner wizard1 at wildblue.net
Tue Jul 4 10:08:17 EDT 2006

    There is no reason that any nomaly fit person couldnt use a BCS
tractor.There are some tricks to learn like hookig to the front attach
implements in rear hitch positon during hook up so better balance the enigne
dureing attachment but it is very doable. A freind of mine up in maryland
uses an 850 which is as big a machine as mine and she is about 5'2" and
maybe 100 lbs soaking wet . So dont be afraid of trying one. The dealer that
I bought mine from has a 15 day return policy if you find that one of his
tractors or implements in not suitable for your purposes he will refund your
purchase price . Joel ships tractors all over the US but you may have a
dealer closer to you. You can see his offerings at
http://www.earthtoolsbcs.com He is a very good fellow to deal with.

Mark Abner
BriarPatch Farms
Ritner KY
zone 6b

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  Hi everyone.  I am considering purchasing a walk behind tractor and want
to get your thoughts on how it would work out for an older female.  Is this
something that I could handle - I am physically fit but not a weight lifter.



  Octopus Garden Farm

  Southeast Wisconsin
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