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Joyce Paski elderberrywine4u at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 3 22:55:37 EDT 2006

I have a BCS 722 with brush mower, tiller, and hiller/furrower attachments.  I am 51 and in pretty good health, but am not very strong.  I LOVE the tractor, but I have to say I need help lifting the attachments into our truck AND fixing the attachments to the tractor even with the quick hitch.  Except for the hiller/furrower, these attachments are HEAVY.  We use a ramp to run the the tractor onto the truck bed.  When I can afford it, I plan to get a utility trailer that rides low to the ground, has a built on ramp, and is large enough for me to keep the BCS and attachments on all the time to make it easier for me to handle by myself.  As for changing attachments, I think it is a matter where "practice makes perfect".

Nancy <nstumpf at wi.rr.com> wrote:        st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }                Hi everyone.  I am considering purchasing a walk behind tractor and want to get your thoughts on how it would work out for an older female.  Is this something that I could handle – I am physically fit but not a weight lifter.
  Octopus Garden Farm
  Southeast Wisconsin

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