[Market-farming] BCS walk behind tractor

joe and trish jeusel at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jul 3 22:05:26 EDT 2006

Nancy,  I have an ancient bcs 605 eight horsepower walk behind with a tiller and a brush mower.  the units have a couple of speeds from crawl to a fast walk. when turning mine has a brake system that allows you to lock the wheel on the side you are turning to and then the other wheel drives the tiller around, sort of like the old army tanks.It is pretty easy to use once you figure out which speed works best for the operation you are doing. I pretty much just run it in first when tilling and just enjoy the machines powerfull abilities.  you have hand controls that allow you to disengage the drive to the wheels and the power take off for the tiller.  Realy a pleasant machine to work with compared to the tinny home owner kind of rototiller from sears or home depot.  when you engage the tiller it takes only a revolution or two to bury itself in our clay soils here in arizona and then goes to work churning it up into a fluffy bed.  When I use the brush mower I have a little surry seat with wheels that attaches to the machine ( looks a little like a harness racing seat ) which allows you to sit and ride behind the machine as it mows.  I dont think it will work when a tiller is attached though.  hope this helps.  Joe
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