[Market-farming] seeking good irrigation supply company

William B. Evans wbe at ra.msstate.edu
Wed Sep 21 11:00:00 EDT 2005


         Irrigation-Mart in NW Louisiana is a main drip irrigation supplier 
here (irrigation-mart.com).  For raised beds, a good mid- to high-end 
garden center/landscape company could help too.  Your Area Hort Agent, 
Wayne Porter, is very good and may be able to help or offer some leads.
         We use medium grade drip tape here with 12 in. emitter spacing 
here for our  20 X 5 highly-amended display beds, three lines spaced long 
ways, well water, and in-line filtration with an access point for 
fertilizer injection.  Boxes are plumbed at the end with underground 
PVC.  One can valve each box and or each line in the box.
         For the self-learners, T-Systems (T-Tape) and the others, plus 
many extension services all have good publications on design for field and 
garden/raised beds.


At 05:04 PM 9/20/2005, you wrote:
>A sister market grower in Mississippi is seeking a decent irrigation 
>supply company that can work with her to figure out best solution.  She 
>has 24 raised beds, ranging from 4x8 to 4x48 feet (more on the way!).  She 
>is thinking only drip, not overhead (but not buried drip either - she 
>would prefer to cover with organic mulch but not bury in soil).
>  I apologize but I couldn't figure out how to access our market farming 
> archives...I know we have discussed this alot but I wasn't paying 
> attention at the time...many thanks on her behalf!
>nan at dancing goats farm
>n.mississippi, zone 7b
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