[Market-farming] Self reliant OUTLAWS!!!

Robin Follette marketfarmers at thymeforewe.com
Fri Sep 30 20:19:54 EDT 2005

Ok, I'll put in my .02¢.  A registration card came in the mail this week.  I glanced at it and threw it away.  By the time the government catches up to me my two old goats and nine year old pig will be long gone.  If I still have a cow I'll deal with them then.  If someone from the USDA would like to come catch her, hold her and tag her white dodging her horns and feet, well......I want my camera ready because it'll be a wild time.  Surely there's more important things for them to do other than harass backyard growers.  Imagine all the money it's going to take to bring homesteaders who have only a few animals into compliance.  I'm a vegetable and fruit grower who happens to have four head of livestock.  I'm not doing this.

Does anyone with a website check their stats?  I've had hits by "US Government" every month but November since October, 2004.  Some months there were as few as 10 and other months as many as 56.  I'm curious about who in a government office is looking at me.  

Robin Follette
Thyme For Ewe Farm  www.thymeforewe.com
Maine, Zone 4
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  I changed the subject line of this post thinking that the previous one
  didn't catch enough attention from everyone.

  I have to believe that the content below would have all the farmers on this
  list up in arms.....if not, I fear we are doomed.
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