[Market-farming] Anyone herar of this herbicide?

MARK A. ABNER wizard1 at kih.net
Thu Sep 29 22:05:29 EDT 2005

If he is spraying it he should have an msds sheet on it unless it is over
the counter in which case the store that sells it should have one also the
mfg of the stuff has to send you msds sheet on request.do a google on the
procuct and contact the mfg.


BriarPatch Farms Ritner KY

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> Date: 9/29/2005 7:28:20 PM
> Subject: [Market-farming] Anyone herar of this herbicide?
> I just found a guy spraying an adjoining field with an herbicide called 
> "camomaster"(sp). Has anyone heard of this. I stopped him before he got
> close and let him know the cost of his drift hitting my land, I am
> Naturally Grown. I can't find anything about this. He said it is a combo
> sting and 2,4,d.
> Oldtimin 
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