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In my experience, hot peppers have tolerated light frost quite well. I don't
do much winter squash, but of the others on the list, the only things I
would worry about are the sweet peppers and eggplant. The kale, braising
greens, and brussel sprouts will be sweeter after a good frost. Chinese
cabbage hardiness depends on the variety but should be OK for a light frost.

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This Thursday Morning we are expecting frost(central MN).  In the past
years,  I spent the days ahead of time harvesting everything except the root
crops(pulling all nighters before the frost), but I don't think I had to.
So I would like other folk's advice..here's what we still have in the field.
What would folks for sure harvest?
Kale, Cabbage, parsley, cilantro, carrots, beets (green top), peppers,
hubbard squash, pie pumpkins, huge pumpkins, arugula, daikon, brussel
sprouts, eggplant, turnips, popcorn, braising greens, chinese cabbage,
broccoli, radishes, rhutabagas.  Weather.com is saying 34 degrees, the radio
is saying frost likely and I know that we are usually 5 degrees colder than
what weather.com says.
---I am especially wondering about the hubbards, and pie pumpkins and
peppers and hot peppers if it only gets down to 29 degrees.
--Gary Brever

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