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Tue Sep 27 14:39:48 EDT 2005

Tom, we had a piece of land that everyone and his dog was after for 
development.  Estimated cost for development was around 40 million.  The city has tried 
to annex but failed to do so, so I turned this piece over to our broker to 
see what would happen.  Well, it was bought at annex price but not by the city 
but by a local big farmer who plans on farming it.  He may sell later on I 
don't know but knowing them they will have to atleast double their price.  Don't 
always assume that developers will buy the land, doesn't always work that way 
around here, they only buy if they can buy at Ag price's or less.  This farm 
Corp is very large and it will take a huge pile of money to buy it from them.   

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