[Market-farming] woodstove

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Tue Sep 27 09:30:53 EDT 2005

There is no current danger--I foresee such if it continues, so I am trying
to take care of it now.

Okay--I first should say that I have wood heat all my many years.  I am not
telling how many---but I got a few gray hairs to prove it!

The thing that makes me concern is that this only started two years ago.  Up
to then, this stove has been great for about 30 years.

I am thinking that I should raise the chimney with an extender flue and a
few other minor changes.

I know how to run a fire.  I have been doing since I could lift a chunk a
wood.  Just was thrown a bit with the reduced performance of the past two

I seriously think a new stove may be the answer.

I live at the bottom of a mountain slope next to a creek.  My neighbors just
cut a bunch of trees.  Seriously wondering the effects of this on my stove.

I know how the chimney functions in terms of feeding the fire oxygen.  I
have heard putting a pipe down the flue to help increase the draft needed.
I am thinking about that one too.

It took a bit of reading, but I think I have a plan now.  I was just in a
bit of a panic, since it is cold enough to start getting the woodstove up
and running again.  I realized the description was a bit over the top.  It
is not quite as bad as some of you thought.

My father and five others started their town fire department.  My brothers
joined when they were 13.  I am all too aware of chimney fires and their

Thanks folks--ya got me thinking in the right direction/.

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