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John O'Donnell johno at otechsystems.com
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I will probably defer to a fireplace expert because that's no place to mess
I can tell you that my woodstove has a 6" elbow because the stove exits at
the top.
Then, a 2' section with a adjustable flu (spelling) straight into my inside
I think your creosote buildup might be more due to the type of wood you're
burning and how seasoned it is, and the design of your stove and chimney and
what kind of draft you typically get.
I know 2 years ago I hardly got any creosote buildup, but last year I got a
lot when I cleaned my chimney just last week.
I almost never get too much buildup in my stove pipe.
But, I always clean the stove pipe more than once a season.
Also, do you get the stove going good, then shut down the draft and leave it
just smolder during the day?  I did a lot of that last year and that may
have contributed to a faster buildup.
I went to home depot and bought fiberglass rod sections and a wire brush
sized to my chimney.  These rods can be pushed up from the bottom if you
have a cleanout.  I currently only clean mine out once a year, but I may do
more than once this year after I got 4   5-gal buckets full of creosote when
I cleaned it last week.
It's probably worth the effort to clean out your entire system more than
once a year if need be.
Cheaper than having the place catch on fire.

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I apologize for this off-topic.  I am really stumped and could use the help
of DIY folks.  We were brought up doing construction/remodeling/farm
building projects, so we can do most projects ourselves.

Is there any reason a woodstove should NOT be place with a stovepipe going
directly into the chimney?  Should there be a elbow?

We have a woodstove sitting 90 degrees to the wall where the chimney is.
There is an elbow at the stove end and then 2 feet of pipe to the wall with
about a 25 degree slant upwards.  This is an inside chimney.

We wonder if we could turn the stove, so the hole in back of the stove is
straight across from the chimney with a stovepipe of about 2 feet slanting
upwards 25 degrees.

The reason:  We have had this set-up for about 12+ years.  (This was here
previous to moving here.)  We have had an increasing and alarming amount of
creosote build-up in the stovepipe.  We replaced the stovepipe with a new
one last year with little improvement.  Got a nasty fire last year and don't
want a repeat. (roaring train type)

I also wonder if the draft is just not right.  Sometimes you can smell soot
in the house when running in winter and not running in summer.  MAYBE the
stovepipe is too short???

We are doing some insulating, so the house is going to be even tighter.  I
got a drafty door across the room from the stove that I am replacing
tomorrow with a steel door.

I really want to do this right.  We are considering moving the stove and
using triple wall chimney pipe instead.  But it is expensive.  There is alot
of other work (money) needed elsewhere in this house!! :-)  ya know how it
is . . .

Time is also against me since it is cold enough to start a fire now.  Yup.
We just had to wait until the last minute! :-)  (Actually we waited until
our steer was sold to use that money if necessary to build a whole new
triple wall chimney )set-up.

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