[Market-farming] off-topic---chimneys and woodstoves

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Mon Sep 26 16:00:38 EDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 01:20:49PM -0600, Errol Castens wrote:
> One thing more: You probably already have the front of the fireplace closed off with sheet metal or some such covering. You'll need to keep this in place or seal the damper opening around the stovepipe to make sure you're not losing a lot of already-paid-for heat up the masonry flue.

He did not say that there was a fireplace associated with the chimney; 
I assumed not, you assumed so.  I can now imagine that he is talking 
about running the stove pipe into the chimney through the fireplace and 
that the flue pipe is not well sealed to the chimney.  And that the 
fireplace is siphoning great quantities of air.  Making it even more 
important to have a ready supply of outside air.

My chimney has no fireplace; it was built for wood/coal burning stoves 
with one flue connection in one room and one in another.

> Is there any reason a woodstove should NOT be place with a stovepipe going
> directly into the chimney?  Should there be a elbow?

Off topic, but of great interest to me!  Especially with the approach 
of the heating season.

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