[Market-farming] off-topic---chimneys and woodstoves

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Mon Sep 26 14:58:02 EDT 2005

Where I live there is a code that says that the flu from the wood stove 
must be contained all the way to the top of the chimney. I believe the 
rule is because of possible explosion of natural gas. I'm not sure. I 
believe that you should consult the local code, do a search on the 
internet or consult someone who knows more than I do. What you are 
describing could be dangerous. Wish I knew more.

Marty Kraft
On Sep 26, 2005, at 12:59 PM, mtlivestock wrote:

> I apologize for this off-topic.  I am really stumped and could use the 
> help
> of DIY folks.  We were brought up doing construction/remodeling/farm
> building projects, so we can do most projects ourselves.
> Is there any reason a woodstove should NOT be place with a stovepipe 
> going
> directly into the chimney?  Should there be a elbow?
> We have a woodstove sitting 90 degrees to the wall where the chimney 
> is.
> There is an elbow at the stove end and then 2 feet of pipe to the wall 
> with
> about a 25 degree slant upwards.  This is an inside chimney.
> We wonder if we could turn the stove, so the hole in back of the stove 
> is
> straight across from the chimney with a stovepipe of about 2 feet 
> slanting
> upwards 25 degrees.
> The reason:  We have had this set-up for about 12+ years.  (This was 
> here
> previous to moving here.)  We have had an increasing and alarming 
> amount of
> creosote build-up in the stovepipe.  We replaced the stovepipe with a 
> new
> one last year with little improvement.  Got a nasty fire last year and 
> don't
> want a repeat. (roaring train type)
> I also wonder if the draft is just not right.  Sometimes you can smell 
> soot
> in the house when running in winter and not running in summer.  MAYBE 
> the
> stovepipe is too short???
> We are doing some insulating, so the house is going to be even 
> tighter.  I
> got a drafty door across the room from the stove that I am replacing
> tomorrow with a steel door.
> I really want to do this right.  We are considering moving the stove 
> and
> using triple wall chimney pipe instead.  But it is expensive.  There 
> is alot
> of other work (money) needed elsewhere in this house!! :-)  ya know 
> how it
> is . . .
> Time is also against me since it is cold enough to start a fire now.  
> Yup.
> We just had to wait until the last minute! :-)  (Actually we waited 
> until
> our steer was sold to use that money if necessary to build a whole new
> triple wall chimney )set-up.
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