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Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
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On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 11:59:07AM -0600, mtlivestock wrote:
> I apologize for this off-topic.  I am really stumped and could use the help
> of DIY folks.  We were brought up doing construction/remodeling/farm
> building projects, so we can do most projects ourselves.
> Is there any reason a woodstove should NOT be place with a stovepipe going
> directly into the chimney?  Should there be a elbow?

No direct answer, but here is my experience:
We have heated with a wood stove for about 25 years.  We have an 
interior brick chimney with a 6" flue pipe connection about 7-8 feet 
about floor level.  The interior of the chimney is about 12" square 
and creosote buildup in the chimney has not been a problem.  Our stove 
is on a diagonal coming out of the corner of a room; the flue pipe 
connection is about 8-10" from the corner of two walls.  The corners 
of the stove are about 2' from walls; we have used no heat shields, 
but the stove sits on a tile hearth and we have some fiberglass rugs 
in front and behind the stove.  This stuff on wood floors.  We have 
had no operational problems other than some smoke odor and the need to 
clean and replace flue pipe more often than I like.  Clogged flue pipe 
is indicated by smoke escaping the stove when it is stoked.  We have 
to clean/replace the flue pipe at least once a year, more like twice, 
even though our heating season is only about three months.  Our flue 
pipe has 1 45 deg bend and two 90 deg bends, one 2-3' nearly 
horizontal section and one ~4' vertical section; it draws very well 
when the pipe is clean and increasingly poorly as the creosote builds 

Our stove is old and, while air-tight, not up to EPA standards.  We are 
looking to replace it this year, mainly to see if a cleaner burning 
stove will reduce flue pipe maintenance.

If your house is tight and getting tighter, you should be looking at 
stoves that have an outside air supply; that is a common feature or 
option on higher quality stoves.  A wood stove uses great quantities 
of air and it has to come from somewhere.  We normally leave one or 
more windows cracked 1-2", but we still feel drafts coming through our 

I am subscribed to one yahoo wood stove group, but it is inactive.  If 
you find an active one, let me know.

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