[Market-farming] selling the farm

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Mon Sep 26 13:42:15 EDT 2005

 <<<<It concerns me that you are looking to sell to a farmer "cheap" >>>

I deeply agree with Beth, but I will add . . .

It always concerns me that farmers think they have to sell their farm
cheaper to ensure a farmer will buy it.  It should not be this way.  You
probably worked hard to build up your soil and clientele.  Don't discount
it!!  Price your place according to the value and wait for the farmer that
is willing to pay your price.  I don't believe anyone does fellow farmers
justice by de-valuing their work, land, or business "in the hopes someone
will buy it to farm".

If you got a good business set-up then it should be worth a reasonable
asking price--not a lower price.  I think this kind of goes along with what
Beth is saying.  If you de-value your land, and it is purchased by someone
thinking they deserved a lower price for farming it---aren't you setting it
up to be purchased by someone that DOES NOT value farmland???

A good farm set-up with a good list of clientele listed at a decent price
would not be a deterrent for any decent farmer.

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