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Beth makes an excellent point below.  You say the area his farm is in is being rapidly developed--selling the farm without getting an agricultural easement could be a costly move for you and could end up with the farm being developed in a few years or even months.  Check with your state dept. of ag or American Farmland Trust--they can help you get an easement on the farm so it will never be developed.  Its also possible that you can recover some of the development value of the land if your state has a funded "purchase of development rights" program and your farm qualifies.  Even if you get no funds, getting the easement ensures the land won't be developed, and since you are willing to sell to a farmer below its development cost anyways you will come out even on money but way ahead on securing the lands future.  Wish I lived in a place where land was affordable, I farm rented land and am not too optimitic about ever affording a farm in southern New England.
Best of luck Tom.
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Tom check out this org they may have some suggestions to save your farmland 
forever. It concerns me that you are looking to sell to a farmer "cheap" 
but what happens if said farmer realizes farming is harder than they 
expected, so he sells to the developers you are wishing to avoid. So not 
only did your farm land not stay in farming but you didn't reap the 
"profits". Beth


> Hello, Let me apoligize up front if anyone feels this is a bit OT.
> We will not be farming any more. Being located in an area that used to be
> very well-known for its fruit, but now known as a summer playground, only
> developers are interested (cost of land). We are on one of the last two
> family farms/roadside markets that are still in production. Many of our
> customers are upset about our decision.

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