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Sat Sep 24 21:21:22 EDT 2005

I've only used their materials & website when we were looking for property.
Not sure about listing with them, but they've got good exposure across the


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> Hello,  Let me apoligize up front if anyone feels this is a bit OT.
> We will not be farming any more.  Being located in an area that used to be
> very well-known for its fruit, but now known as a summer playground, only
> developers are interested (cost of  land).  We are on one of the last two
> family farms/roadside markets that are still in production.  Many of our
> customers are upset about our decision.
> Our only advertisement has been a sign out front (on a busy state
> Any suggestions as to where we might advertise to farm folks (cheaply)
> be appreciated (either posted here or personally, which ever you feel
> appropriate).
> Thank you.
> Tom Anslow
> Catawba Island, OH
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