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Another great site is
http://www.newfarm.org/depts/classifieds/index.shtml , and it is free.
Best of luck.

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Hello,  Let me apoligize up front if anyone feels this is a bit OT.

We will not be farming any more.  Being located in an area that used to
very well-known for its fruit, but now known as a summer playground,
developers are interested (cost of  land).  We are on one of the last
family farms/roadside markets that are still in production.  Many of our

customers are upset about our decision.

Our only advertisement has been a sign out front (on a busy state
Any suggestions as to where we might advertise to farm folks (cheaply)
be appreciated (either posted here or personally, which ever you feel 

Thank you.
Tom Anslow
Catawba Island, OH

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